The nation’s favourite carrot returns for more mischief, this time in William Conker’s magical ‘Christmas Factory’

Kevin the Carrot makes his much-anticipated TV return today, as supermarket Aldi launches its 2023 Christmas advert. This time, he’s paying a visit to William Conker’s magical Christmas Factory.

Created by McCann UK, the 90 second spot breaks tonight on ITV at 8.30pm and opens with the five lucky winners excitedly waiting to enter the magical Christmas Factory.

Accompanied by ‘Grate Grandad’, Kevin embarks on his tour of the festive goodie-filled factory, encountering all sorts of mischievous characters on the way including dancing Plumty Dumptys and a Spoilt Little Sprout!

With the lucky winners including ‘Greedy, Gluttonous Grape’ and  ‘Mischievous Kiwi’ each landing themselves in bother and falling away, Kevin is finally the last carrot standing.

Upon passing the test and being handed the cheese to the factory, Kevin asks the wholesome question ‘can I share my good fortune with everyone?’. The ad concludes with the charming closing message ‘seasonal goodwill was truly in the air as Christmas is a time that’s sweeter when you share’ accompanied by a cheerful crowd of characters from Aldi’s Christmas past, including Ebanana Scrooge and Marcus Raddishford.

The fully integrated campaign running from 6th November to 31st December 2023, runs across digital, social, OOH, print and in-store POS.