With an emphasis on the brand’s breadth of offering, value and style credentials - the concept responds to Matalan’s key customer insight that its customers love to prep for Christmas.  The spot sees our Matalan hero stepping through her magical Christmas cupboard and finding herself in her Christmas future.  As she preps, her Christmas cupboard becomes piled with yuletide magic and we watch her future self enjoy the festive holidays - as she mentally checks off her to do list - making sure she has everything from a perfectly priced sequined outfit, through to ensuring she’s not forgotten to include the gift wrap, tags and ‘fancy plates’ for the all-important festive hosting!

Commenting on the TV campaign, Jeff Howarth, Matalan’s omnichannel marketing director said: “This year as the country feels the economic strain, we know many people will be extremely price conscious and will be managing their Christmas budgets wisely.  Matalan is famous for great value and choice and plays a particularly important role for UK households at Christmas and we wanted to capture the excitement of this special time of year - which we believe this year’s campaign does perfectly.”

Imogen Tazzyman, our executive creative director said: “Everyone’s got that stockpile of pressies and festive goodies tucked away ahead of the 25th December and it’s within this Christmas cupboard full of its planning and prepping, that the real magic lives and brings Christmas to life.  From the musical composition to the set build, the cast to the VO, we’ve worked hard to bring the real magic of Christmas to everyone’s screen.”