Aldi and McCann UK’s highly successful 'Like Brands' campaign is set to reappear and run in bursts until 25 May.

Breaking this week, the TV spot and online execution runs in a 30-second and 20-second format and will then run again from 6 May to 25 May.

The campaign is airing across a variety of programmes on satellite channels.

The spot compares Aldi’s own-brand toilet roll with the branded equivalent as part of an ongoing campaign building on the strength of Aldi’s unique proposition of great price and quality.

The 'Like Brands' campaign was originally launched in 2011 and has won more than 40 national and international creative and effectiveness awards. At its peak, the campaign was credited with playing a key role in helping propel Aldi to becoming the UK’s fifth largest grocer.

Since then the campaign has reappeared periodically to pay homage to a variety of brands and popular culture events.