CRAFT is our 30,000 sq ft studio focused on delivering high quality, high volume assets and video content.

Every year we style, shoot and distribute more than 60,000 images and video packages.

Our facilities and offering include video, dedicated 360 product stations, two home economy kitchens and two daylight studios.

These additional facilities, alongside a set build workshop, model changing room and product storage enable us to deliver photography and video as both a stand alone service and as part of an integrated communications campaign. You can take a more detailed look around CRAFT by clicking here.

Sitting within the CRAFT offering we have a dedicated CGI, edit and post production team which is where ideas come to life and visual magic is created.

We're got teams of 3D and 2D specialists, offering full post production facilities, from character design and rigging for animation to full HD filming, digital grading and editing.

We offer a unique combination of skills, from blending live action and CGI for broadcast and online productions to creating glossy product visualisations.

Whether we're coding complex particle environments for interactive projections or creating film content to enhance user experience, our workflow ensures projects are completed on time and on budget.

Food photography

Home economy suites

Daylight studios

Product storage and product management

360 Photography



3D and 2D motion graphic concepts, design and animation

Character design, visualisation and digital sculpting

3D modelling, lighting and rendering

Texturing, painting, digital matte painting


Character animation

Particle systems

Architectural and interior visualisation

Photo-real product 3D rendering