Kevin the Carrot has come a long way since his first Christmas adventure in 2016. You could say that he’s now a little Christmas icon, with some shoppers claiming that ‘it wouldn’t be Christmas without him.’ And in 2018, his Christmas advert was even voted the nation’s favourite in Campaign.

But when Russell Sprout got wind of this, he wasn’t happy. In fact, every sprout in the land was green with envy. After all, isn’t Christmas supposed to be their gig?

So now, the sprouts are here to take back Christmas. This 10 second commercial teases the return of Kevin for Christmas 2019. It’s already making headlines in national press and #LeafyBlinders was trending within just hours of its release.

The big question is… will Russell Sprout manage to reclaim the limelight?

Or will Kevin survive to be the star of the show once again?

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