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Taking Steps To Increase Conversion By 20% For Timberland


As Timberland’s SEO and PPC agency for its UK and European websites, an opportunity to improve their conversion rates was identified. Our Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) team were briefed to look at how they could drive improved sales conversion on the site.


Existing and new visitors to the site.


We implemented a CRO programme with the aim of making site-wide improvements to drive increased conversion and complement our overall digital strategy for the brand. This would provide a solid foundation on which a new site could be developed.

We utilised a combination of research methods to provide insight into how visitors behaved and interacted with the site and on the back of this we made recommendations at device level that fed into the new site build.


We also ran a comprehensive A/B and multivariate testing project to assess the effectiveness of our proposed approach.


The results of this piece of work led to changes that included introducing a homepage promotional message variant that increased conversion by over 20%, and the removal of confusing functionality that saw 15% more visitors landing in the checkout process.