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Smart Retail for Post-Brexit Britain

As the deadline for triggering Article 50 looms large on the horizon, this high level seminar and networking event takes a look at the issues and challenges UK retailers will face as the UK moves towards Brexit. We’ve brought together three top level speakers who are recognized experts in their field to provide insight into the evolving retail landscape and what impact Brexit could have on retailers of all shapes and sizes be they on the high street, out of town, online or true omnichannel players.

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What The Election Has Taught Us About Digital Marketing

So now that the election is over Neil Yeomans, Head of Search for McCann Connected takes a look back at the digital campaign techniques the parties used to gain as much exposure and as many votes as possible – it seems they did their market research too.

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A Vote of No Confidence For the Market Research Industry

The British general election has confounded the predictions of all the pundits and market research firms. For weeks in the run up to the election, the pollsters were predicting hung parliaments and minority governments right up to polling day. When the first exit poll emerged after the polling stations had closed, it was forecasting a result that was just short of an outright Conservative majority which flew in the face of every other poll up to that point. Jamie Peate, Director of Strategy and Insight at McCann Manchester picks over the issues the unexpected voting patterns of the British public have thrown up for the market research industry.

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Google’s New Mobile Algorithm – One Week On

As more and more people rely on their phones for online pursuits, it was inevitable that Google would soon release an updated algorithm that would be mobile focused. Head of Search Neil Yeomans takes a look at what this might mean for brands and businesses one week after it was announced.

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